Autodesk Standard Clear Resin is now Open Source

Posted by Eric Wilhelm on Mar 12, 2015 8:30:00 AM

The Ember 3D printer ships with 2 liters of our Standard Clear Prototyping resin. We affectionately call it PR48, which stands for polar resin number 48. Like WD-40, is this our 48th try for a polar resin formulation? Close enough. Today we're sharing the formulation of PR48 under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, the same license Arduino uses to share their design files. We're explicitly inviting you to understand, remix, and remake our resin.

Bottles of PR48 stereolithography photopolymer resin


PR48 is for sale on the Ember website. Buying it from us will probably be the easiest way to get more, but if you want to make your own for any reason (and are experienced with resin formulation, or perhaps just chemical handling) you can do so.

We're open sourcing our resin for a couple of reasons:

  1. We have an open approach, and encourage the use of 3rd-party materials in our printer and the development of new materials on our platform. We include 3rd-party materials in the defaults for Ember's online model preparation and slicer, and are adding more as we optimize their settings for Ember: you can check them out at (You don't actually need an Ember to use the site.) This Instructable describes how to test new resins.
  2. Autodesk is thinking differently about 3D printing, and sharing under an Attribution-ShareAlike license reflects our commitment.
  3. Open sourcing our resin formulation is only the first step in the journey of opening our 3D printer and our Spark 3D printing platform.


We think PR48 is a pretty good resin: it properly adheres to the build head, photopolymerizes at a reasonable rate, clouds Ember's PDMS window significantly less than other resins, and generally works for most prints. But it's a starting point, and not specially optimized for anything. We're inviting you to understand how it works, make changes, make it better, and share those changes. Maybe you can make something awesome in fewer than 48 tries?


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Autodesk Standard Clear Prototyping Resin (PR48) is intended for professional use only with the Autodesk® 3D Ember Printer.  We are releasing the chemical formula for PR48 pursuant to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license [].   Any decision to undertake work with this formula means that you are agreeing to the following:  Such work occurs at your own risk, and as a result, you bear sole responsibility (a) for compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and (b) for any consequences and liabilities, including damage to any person or property, arising in connection with such work.  BEFORE you undertake any work with the formula, Autodesk recommends that you review carefully the safety warning notifications and the Material Safety Data Sheet for PR48.  Autodesk expressly disclaims all warranties (including those attendant to the Autodesk® 3D Ember Printer) in relation to your creation, use or distribution of any work you undertake with the formula.

By working with the formula, you also agree that any modifications you make are unknown to Autodesk, and that any modified formula you prepare could result in the creation of a different or new product for which Autodesk is not legally responsible.  You also agree that if you modify the formula in any way, you could assume additional legal responsibilities, including the duty to warn other persons that are known only to you and not to Autodesk.  You also agree not to seek to hold Autodesk legally responsible, in any way, for any injuries or other liabilities resulting from your use or modification of the formula. 

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