Product Resolutions

Medical devices and business models with Ember

Ember at Product Resolutions
Product Resolutions CAD process

Product Resolutions

Medical devices and business models with Ember

The medical devices designed by Product Resolutions require high precision, something that couldn’t be achieved with their in-house FDM 3D printer. So they jumped at the opportunity to use the high-precision, high-speed Ember.

Product Resolutions is a design consultancy in the UK specializing in medical devices and consumer goods. With a network of manufacturing partners in the Far East they guide clients through the whole product development process; from concept sketches to tooling and production.

Paul and Nick, directors, are early adopters and 3D printing is a crucial part of their workflow. They’ve been using an in-house FDM 3D printer since 2013 to produce prototypes and speed up their design process. However, the FDM machine just didn’t have the precision required for medical devices.

Ember has changed that. Using Ember on a recent medical device project, Product Resolutions went from concept to a tool ready design in a day.

“Previously we would have sent the design to a UK SLA supplier so probably 3-4 days turnaround per print,” say Paul “but with Ember we turned it round in a day, 3 prints 20 mins each.”

Ember’s high resolution and high speed parallel printing process made it ideally suited to fine tune the tolerances in a novel ball valve design.

“If you can print something yourself in an hour, it changes the entire game. It makes our work better and gives us more confidence in our final product,” says Paul.

Not only did the the resolution impress, but the speed took Paul by surprise and has made him think about what new services Product Resolutions can offer with Ember.

Paul concludes “the only downside was that we only charged a day, so the fee income was less because Ember made it so quick! We need to work out a new business model around this.”

At Product Resolutions we combine creativity, innovation and technical knowledge to help you make commercially successful new products. It’s not just about the way it looks. When we design a new product we think about how it's used by the consumer, how it can be assembled in the factory and how we can ensure it hits the development budget.