When only the best will do, Selini turns to Ember

Robin sketching
Selini jewelery design


When only the best will do, Selini turns to Ember

Ember for Jewelry
  • Create highly detailed filigree and smooth surfaces
  • Produce prototypes in hours
  • Produce castable patterns faster than service bureaus

Rob Girling designs objet d’art, one of kind jewelry pieces for the top of the market. CNC wax milling was placing limits on his imagination and taking too long so he turned to Ember to set him free.

Selini, a jewelry company run by Rob Girling, create unique high-end jewelry. Rob likes to do the whole process from dealing with customers through to design, fabrication and finally presenting the work to the client.

To remain competitive at the top end of the market Selini use a wide range of technologies, including Delcam ArtCAM Jewelsmith and Ember.

“We adopt technologies because it’s going to produce a higher quality component. We operate at the very top of the market where only the best will do,” says Rob “Artcam Jewelsmith with Ember is the complete solution, it is the best thing on the market. Its ultimately producing it quicker with less people and it is of a high quality.”

With Ember, Rob can produce patterns in day when previously using a CNC it would take a week and without sacrificing any quality.

“Products made with these new resins coming off the Ember are as good as the highest quality CNC waxes,” says Rob.

Not only that, but Ember can produce much more complex geometries freeing Rob to push the boundaries of jewelry design.

“Because you can do such complicated parts, you can step outside the norm. You can do anything, if you can think it you can make it,” concludes Rob.
Selini is a leading designer of fine jewellery, specialising in the creation of highly complex one-off pieces. Our workshop is situated in rural lancashire, where every piece is designed and handcrafted by Robin Girling.