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Using Ember, SliceLab created a designer jewelry line in just 4 months

Diego and Arthur looping a ring.
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Slice Lab

Using Ember, SliceLab created a designer jewelry line in just 4 months

Ember for Jewelry
  • Create highly detailed filigree and smooth surfaces
  • Produce prototypes in hours
  • Produce castable patterns faster than service bureaus

SliceLab’s jewelry designers used Ember to rapidly prototype and print their jewelry designs for investment casting. This dramatically shortened the time required to develop a complete line of jewelry, enabling them to go from design to market in record time.  

Prior to using Ember, SliceLab’s designers had to use 3D print bureaus, which were slow, expensive, and were unable to print the fine details of their designs. This restricted their ability to execute their creative vision, preventing them from being able to translate the desired level of detail into their work. It also slowed down their process of iterating designs to create their final, production-ready masters.

SliceLab’s technical requirements included:

  • ability to print fine filigree details
  • quick turn-around time for rapid iterations
  • ability to 3D print investment castable masters 

3D printing with Ember enabled the SliceLab designers to:

  • print details as finely as they designed them,
  • rapidly prototype their designs
  • quickly do production runs of investment-castable masters

Using Ember, they were able to prototype and develop a complete line of jewelry in just four months.

“Ember allowed us to get really intricate and complex geometries out of the printer and into the casting realm. There are pieces we have created for this collection that a print bureau would not even touch.”


Slice Lab is a think tank which specializes in digital design. We conduct virtual experiments where fashion, sculpture, technology and the organic world all crash together to create something new. Much of our inspiration and process is routed from our architectural background.