Designing Jewelry with Fusion 360 and Ember

Posted by Sam Hobish on Nov 11, 2015 10:11:00 AM

3D printing is more than simply operating the machine.  What’s often overlooked is the rigorous process of ideation, designing, prototyping and refining of the product that eventually emerges from the printer.  Using Autodesk Print Studio, which is embedded in our pro-apps, like Fusion 360, we are have simplified the workflow to Spark-compatible printers like Ember.  In this video, we see how a pendant - designed by Carl Bass, Autodesk’s CEO with Arthur Harsuvanakit – went from a CAD model in Fusion 360 to a beautiful piece cast in sterling silver.



The process starts in Fusion 360, Autodesk’s cloud-based CAD program which offers numerous tools that make designing jewelry easy, intuitive and exact.  In Fusion, designers can work in an organic environment in which simple manipulations of the geometry mirror real life sculpting techniques that jewelers are accustomed to.  Once a model is complete, designers can click on the ‘Make’ button and send their model to Print Studio to prepare for printing. 


Autodesk Print Studio uses Spark technology to heal, optimize and prepare 3D models, then deliver them directly to Ember. In Print Studio, users select which printer they are using, as well as which material they will be printing in.  In this case, the designer selected Autodesk’s investment casting resin (which acts like lost wax) as their material and generated some support structures to ensure that the pendant reliably prints.  After previewing how the model is sliced and getting a build time estimate, the designer clicks ‘Print’ and wirelessly sends the file to Ember.


In the video, we see the piece print in Autodesk’s investment casting resin, which is taken to a foundry where it is cast in sterling silver.  We have worked with countless professional casters to fine-tune our investment casting resin (which will be released soon) so that final pieces reflect exactly what was designed in CAD.

 Designing a pendant in Fusion 360

Over the next few weeks we will have some professional designers and casters submitting some “pro-tips” for creating jewelry with Ember.  In the mean time, check out how one jewelry team is using Ember to design an exciting new line:


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